Biographies of Catholic Saints

Saints are men and women who live their life as followers of Christ in their ordinary life and a source of wisdom for those who would like to be faithful to the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. May their examples inspired us to live the way of life Jesus has taught us

Dogmatic and Moral Exposition

Dogmatic and Moral Exposition

 The fifteen books De Trinitate, on which he worked for fifteen years, from 400 to 416, are the most elaborate and profound work of St. Augustine. The last books on the analogies which the mystery of the Trinity have with our soul are much discussed. The saintly author himself declares that they are only analogous and are far-fetched and very obscure.

 The Enchiridion, or handbook, on Faith, Hope, and Love, composed, in 421, at the request of a pious Roman, Laurentius, is an admirable synthesis of Augustine’s theology, reduced to the three theological virtues. Father Faure has given us a learned commentary of it, and Harnack a detailed analysis (Hist. of dogmas, III, 205, 221).


Several volumes of miscellaneous questions, among which “Ad Simplicianum” (397) has been especially noted.

 Numberless writings of his have a practical aim: two on “Lying” (374 and 420), five on “Continence,” “Marriage,” and “Holy Widowhood,” one on “Patience,” another on “Prayer for the Dead” (421).



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