Biographies of Catholic Saints

Saints are men and women who live their life as followers of Christ in their ordinary life and a source of wisdom for those who would like to be faithful to the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. May their examples inspired us to live the way of life Jesus has taught us

Valletta, Malta

Valleta is the capital city of Malta and considered by United Nation UNESCO as world heritage city.






Valleta Harbor






George Preca was most probably been baptized to the Present Our Lady of the Pilar Church


1 Bus Terminus
15 Our Lady of Liesse
29 Palace Square
43 Fort St. Elmo

2 Hastings Gardens
16 Old Fish Market
30 Magisterial Palace/Armoury
44 Law Courts

3 Kingsgate
17 Auberge de Provence
31 Market
45 Great Siege Monument

4 Castille Place
18 St. Augustine
32 St. Ursula
46 St. Barbara Bastions

5 Our Lady of Victory
19 Manderaggio
33 Church of Gesu’
47 Battery

6 Site of Old Lift
20 Castelliana
34 Archiepiscopal Palace
48 Central Bank

7 Upper Barracca Gardens
21 St. John’s Co-Cathedral
35 Auberge d’Aragon
49 St. James’ Ditch

8 Customs House
22 St. Paul Shipwrecked
36 Our Lady of Pilar
50 St. James’ Bastions

9 Auberge de Castille
23 Municipal Palace
37 St. Roch
51 Great Ditch

10 St. Catherine of Italy
24 Bibliotheca
38 Pereira Palace
52 Triton Fountain

11 St. Barbara
25 Queen’s Square
39 Auberge de Baviere
53 Phoenicia Hotel

12 Auberge d’Italie
26 Manoel Theater
40 Lower Barracca Gardens
54 Ganado Gardens

13 Parisio Palace
27 Carmelite Church
41 De la Salle Palace
55 Opera House Ruins

14 St. James
28 St. Paul’s Anglican
42 Hospital of the Order


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[…] Preca was born in Valletta, Malta, on Feb. 12, 1880, to Vincenzo and Natalina Ceravolo. He was baptized in the Church of Our Lady of […]

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